Orange Cream Soda (Clean & THM-friendly)

I’ve been really trying to make an effort to stay more hydrated this summer. I mean, really trying. Between breastfeeding a million hours a day and my workouts at the Y, I constantly end the day with a dry mouth and thinking, tomorrow I need to drink more. Thing is, I like variety. There’s nothing appealing about drinking…

Natural Teething Remedies Explored

  Teething is not something to which any parent or child looks forward.  An old neighbour of ours said that if adults had to endure the same level of pain, it would drive us mad.  As a result, we seek relief for our poor little ones to ease the coming of this new milestone.

When They Say Having a Baby Changes You

“Vaccinating is a huge decision among the thousands you make everyday as parents. It should be made with the proper education, just as every decision we’ve made so far has been.

So here I am, doing nearly everything that this “weirdo” mom was doing, 4 years or so later. And wishing, hoping, that more strong-minded people like myself will be reached and influenced to do their own research. Trust me, the data is out there.”

5 Practical Ways I’m Fighting PPD Naturally

As the stranger in Lowe’s told my husband: “Listen. She just had a baby. Right now, she’s your first love, but that baby is her first love. The transition to motherhood is hard, and she has a lot of hormones and emotions right now…but I promise you, the girl you fell in love with, the girl you couldn’t wait to see when you got home every day, the girl you couldn’t wait to get alone with…she’s still in there. It may take some time but she’ll be that girl again.”

30 Days to a Company-Ready Home

I recently took it upon myself to offer our house to host a bible study. It was an impulsive decision, really. With a four-month-old who, and I quote, “is a big boy now and doesn’t need daytime naps” (his words, not mine), it’s darn near impossible to get anything done. This, of course, has allowed…

Trim Healthy Mama: Week One Meal Plan

Can you believe that June starts tomorrow?! May seemed to fly by. If you followed along with my Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan all month, kudos to you! Give yourself a good pat on the back. 🙂 If you’re new here, feel free to read that post -it’ll explain some of the Trim Healthy Mama plan and…

Bottle to Breast: The Transition from Bottle to Breastfeeding

“We have an interesting journey ahead, but I know that my body is strong. Childbirth has left me feeling empowered and in awe of what nature can accomplish. You don’t truly appreciate how God designed you until you’ve experienced being pushed to the limit, am I right?”

Breastfeeding Does Not Equal Success in Motherhood

Losing your milk supply from postpartum depression does not make you a bad mother.
Being unable to breastfeed because of a medical condition or necessary medication does not make you a bad mother.
Bottle feeding because your baby can’t latch properly does not make you a bad mother.

Breastfeeding does not always equal success in motherhood.